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RoofKO's New Metal Roofing on a New Montana Home

We have just had the pleasure of a flawless RoofKO metal roofing installation on a beautiful new Montana home build. 

The size of the roof was 48 squares, with an additional waste factor of 8%. It was a steep 7:12 slope roof with lots of valleys and hips. The RoofKO extra wide split valley material was the easiest valley we have ever installed, and the 300 feet of ridge caps add protection and premium accent on all the hips and ridges.

This job offered plenty opportunities to test the new RoofKO J-clip and  Z-bar and wall flashing all of which performed flawlessly.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

Tragedy has proven to be very unpredictable.  This has proven itself as of lately with the fires burning across the country.  Fires have been sparked in the western side of the United States, leaving nothing behind besides a trail of ash and smoke.

You never know when the evacuation siren will sound in your neighborhood, but what you can be sure of, is that you have prepared by installing a stone coated metal roof.  

Why would I buy a disposable roof?

Lose the asphalt and get yourself a stone coated metal roof.  

The majority of homes have an asphalt shingle roof. In the moment, asphalt seems to be the economical choice because of its cheap prices. Truth be told,  when you purchase a asphalt shingle roof, you actually are losing money in the long run and filling up America’s landfills. If you really want to get your money’s worth, purchase a stone coated metal roof, and this is why:

New Metal Roofing On A Gildford, Montana Home

A RoofKO metal roofing was just installed on a Gildford, Montana home and the roof looks great!  Amazingly the installation crew of 4 roofers only took one day to complete this 35 square installation!

"We are very happy with our new metal roof and we admire it every time we pull into our driveway" said the home owner.

The RoofKO team inspected the roof the next day during a light rain. When the roof is wet, from a distance the profile and color had the appearance of a slate roof and greatly enhanced the look of the home. 

Metal Roofing in Montana - Contact Us or Get A Roofing Quote

RoofKO metal roofing supplies contractors in Montana with the best looking and performing metal roofing. Our roofing delivers a lifetime of service protecting your property, improves your property value, and saves you a lot of money. 

New Stone Coated Metal Shake Roofing is Better in Design and Performance.
After 30 years of working in the industry overseeing the leading industry brands businesses, and with decades of hands on Installation experience, Peter and Larry decided it was time to engineer and invest in a superior stone coated metal shake style roofing solution.
New Roof KO Metal Tile Manufactured by World Class Stone Coating Metal Facility
Our panel is better by design and is manufactured in a state of the art factory with 12 years stone coated steel roofing, using the best materials and the latest processes to better form, coat and dry.
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