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The Perfect Roofing Panel & Parts

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

The RoofKO roofing system has been designed to address and fix the many of the failures of this premium roofing product.  This is a stone coated steel panel that has been engineered and developed and produced to be sold to the public. 

Stone coated steel roofing has been around for decades but has always had lingering problems due to poor design. This causes both inherent installation problems but also just the very simplest expectations of how a roof should perform.  The roof needs to be water proof.  This seems like a logical expectation but most of these roofs, of this type,  the industry has installed in the past 50 years have been known by manufactures, installers and homeowners to leak.  Many depend on underlayments to stop water that passes through the various voids, when they should be a permanently dry under deck roofing system.

By design most products of this nature are made to look fairly good on the finished installation.  The problem is that many of the stone coated tiles have not made production advances in the last 30 years even though there are more efficient production forming methods that offer vast performance improvements.  The main factor seems to be the cost of the manufacturing process.  It is much less expensive to make a tile that is a one stamp process. The RoofKO panel is a six step punching, stamping, bending forming process to get to the end result.


Better By Design - The Perfect Roofing Panel & Parts

We have compared other products and the locking lips on competitive roofing does not have the separation from the nailing fin to the panel.  The fasteners go through two layers at the locking lip which is difficult for installation.  The biggest issue is that it leaves the fasteners exposed under the locking lip and vulnerable to wind, snow, and blowing water.  Other panels have a couple of weep holes only on one end of their tile.  If you cut the tile to fit the weep holes are gone as not every tile is put up whole.  The RoofKo panel has adequate weep holes that are strategically placed to accommodate even if the panel is cut to fit the field of the roof.

This panel is unique in that it has a hidden fasten system. This panel has a water stop on the left side of the panel to stop water from entering and going behind the panel in windblown condition.  Other products do not have this feature.  The interlock on a RoofKO panel is deeper for strength and ease of installation.  The deep water channels keep the rain or moisture out of the side laps of the panel.   The panel is much stiffer due to the deep channels.  The deeper channels also keep the water headed down the roof as opposed to a side shear blowing water towards the overlap.  The size of the panel is very important as it has fewer seams and areas that water or snow or moisture could enter behind it.  It is also well known that bigger panels have more coverage for quicker installation.

Another Unique feature of our panel are 10" spaced prepunched weep holes along the entire bottom edge to handle any condensation and moisture that may potentially enter from ice dams.

Our roofing panels are coated with a more than sufficient amount of acrylic to hold the stone coating in place, while carfully sized stone chips ensure the longevity of our roofing material.  The stone is algae resistant, and our panels incorporate adhesion improvements to better withstand all weather and scuffing during installations.

The RoofKO roofing panel has a lower profile nose for less wind resistance and for added strength. The design superiority of our roofing panel continues with the return on the bottom of the panel which is engineered to hold the panel firmly in place, and also allow it to be removed should the roof if there is a need to be modified with a chimney, a vent, a dormer, or other such items.  Our roofing can be removed a panel at a time to accommodate the remodel and will not compromise the field of the roof.

The panel has 5 pre punched holes along the top for easty screwed down installations.  If the holes are not in the correct position the panel can be penetrated anywhere in the nailing fin of cut panels to meet the specifications.


Valley Cap & Valley Materials

The RoofKO Valley Cap is unique in design as it can slide on from the top or bottom of the valley RoofKO channel and also from the side, for perfect valley alignment.  The valley cap comes in 10 ft long sections for clean appearance with minimal seams for functional straight valleys. 

It is the main accessory that is used in 4 different areas.  The channel has 4 other accessories that clip into this piece. The gable, hip, side wall and valley all use the same wide unique, interchangeable RoofKo channel. 

Our metal roofing channel is over 12 inches wide with 4 water channels, painted galvalume metal for eye appeal. Many compeditors components are not painted and show what looks like a defect or certainly unfinished. Being wider, any water penetration has to flow much farther to reach the underlayment. The industry has only provided channels in this are that are 4 or 5 inches wide and it is common for these products for water to go well past the metal barrier.  Most manufactures have encouraged that a caulk sealant be put under the edge of the roofing knowing full well that the product has water infiltration issues - RoofKO channel does not need this sealant or detail.



Starter Strip; Side Wall & End Wall Trim

The starter is unique is stone coated to match the roof.  The starter is designed where the nailing flange will not allow water to encroach the fasteners.  It is stone coated unlike other products in the industry.  It can be used for both the RoofKo starter and a drip edge.


The side wall trim is made to clip on the RoofKO channel.  It has a ¼ chalk channel at the top of the piece to be installed under the siding or on the face of it.  It can be caulked with a liberal bead to ensure better water shedding.  It is also 10 ft long for fewer splices and over laps for a cleaner look.  The larger pieces with less splices will not allow water to have multiple entry areas.

The end wall trim is made to not only decorate the area but it provides the same caulk channel to ensure no water infiltration.  It is used on the roof around the chimney on dormers and areas where there is a gable return.

Ridge Caps

Prescision manufactured interlocking Ridge Caps adds the perfect fiishing ridge accents.