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Our Metal Roofing Ages Like A Fine Wine!

Compared to a RoofKO metal roof,  the average lifespan of a asphalt shingle roof is 10-15 years.  When installing a asphalt shingle roof, you are putting yourself at risk for disaster within the first 15 years.  Your house will be more susceptible to leakage, fire, and storms.

Additionally when you choose asphalt roofing, you will be unknowingly contributing to the countries annual estimated seven to ten million tons of toxic roofing waste most of which ends up in our landfills. To the contrary, metal roofing is 100% recyclable.    

If you choose to install a RoofKO stone coated metal roof, you are guaranteed for 50 years of protection.  Our stone coated metal roof will withstand fire, wind, water, and hail for more than half of your lifetime, and adds significant value to your home.

While your neighbors are assessing their roofs every 10 years, you can sit on your front porch and enjoy the 50 year warranty RoofKO guarantees you, and the peace of mind that you will never have to spare the expense to re-roof your home again.

The problem decision making today, is that people think more about the impact on the wallet today, rather than 50 years in the future.  People think, well asphalt shingle is cheaper and will save me money for right now.  The problem with making that decision, is now you are going to have to make the same decision in 10 years when your roof starts falling apart.  Instead, you should've elected to install a stone coated metal roof with a 50 year warranty.  Best case scenario for asphalt shingle users, is install two roofs in the span of 50 years, where the worst case scenario is to install four roofs in the span of 50 years.  Same yourself time and money by electing to install a stone coated metal roof right away.

RoofKO Warranty

  • Steel will not burn

  • 120 mph winds

  • Withstands 2 ½ inch hail 

Take advantage of this information and purchase a stone coated metal roof today.  You and your house will be extremely grateful because you will save money over the next 50 years, and your house will be protected against the worst.  

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