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Metal Roofing Questions & Answers

  • How Much More Does A Metal Roof Cost Over and Asphalt Roof

    Metal Roofing is more expensive, but significantly outlasts asphalt roofing, and is the better overall choice. The cost of a roofKO metal roof is comparable to that of 50-Year asphalt shingles, but RoofKO rof tile offers significantly better looks and protection against all weather effects. 

  • Is Metal Roofing Better Than Asphalt Roofing

    Yes, for many reasons. Asphalt shingles are the most common roof covering predominanntly due to fast installation speed, and relativly low initial cost. That said, the benefits are short lived as the material deteriorates very quickly. Additionally,poor lifespan, and environmental after-effects of the estimated 250 billion lbs of them that go into US landfills yearly, wreaking havoc on environment and groundwater. To the contrary metal is recyclable. Additioanlly asphalt shingles are very flammabile, while metal roofing protects your home against fire.

  • What are the Downsides Of a Metal Roof

    Usually Price, but RoofKO is changing that. A RoofKO metal roof is comparable in price to a 50 year asphalt roof, and it is a far better investment than any asphalt roofing. Our metal roofing system addresses all the concerns of other metal roofing, - it is fast to install and you dont need any special tools. We have the best deal on the best roof!  


  • Is Metal Roofing Prone To Lightning Strikes

    No. Lightning is usually attracted to the he highest point of the surrounding landscape. Read the study PDF here (link to come). 

  • Where can I buy RoofKO roofing materials from?

    Buy RoofKO tile from your local roofer or area representative. We sell RoofKO roofing systems at both wholesale and retail pricing. To buy RoofKO materials please complete our Purchaase Application