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Stone Coated Steel vs. Ice and Snow

Stone coated metal roofing has been tested against some of the most intense climate changes.  There has been no element that has come out on top of a metal roof.  Stone coated steel has cut through wind, hail, heat, earthquakes, and weathering, but can it withstand temperatures below zero?

Metal roofs have shown to be a great choice in freezing weather.  The metal withstands ice and snow very well and it even holds up against temperatures below zero.  The RoofKo panel does not absorb water and allows snow to melt with no problems.  The tight, hidden fastener system allows for zero leakage and prevents damage to your house.  This is just another reason you should choose RoofKo over other metal roofing companies.  The hidden fastener system hides screws and allows for water to run off without leakage or puddling.  

RoofKo's panel does not freeze or warp when facing cold icy weather, and because of the highly advanced hidden fastening system, the panels with not raise or come loose over time.  RoofKo has designed a panel that is a top of the line product, that can match up against any product on the market.  There is not a climate that RoofKo cannot  handle, and it can withstand the toughest areas over the span of the entire warranty.  

Put RoofKo to the test in your climate.  We stand by our 50 year warranty and will advise you in any way we can with our experience in the roofing industry.  Take some time and read about our wonderful new stone coated metal panel and its timeless warranty that will guarantee safety over your home and family.

We at RoofKo strive to make sure that you are receiving a top of the line product.  We pride ourselves in every aspect of roofing, from the manufacturer to your front door, we ensure the best product and service around.  Roofing is our whole life, and together we have developed what could be the cure to all of all of the obstacles you face as a roofer.  

What you can expect from RoofKo:

  • Faster install
  • Heavier, stronger panel
  • Hidden fastening system
  • Lays low and smooth across roof

RoofKo's stone coated metal roof is the cure to all of your metal roof headaches.  The fast, flat install will save you time and money.  You will spend less time on the roof, and receiving less maintenance calls because of the updated panel.