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Stone Coated Metal Roofing: The best product you have never heard of.

If you asked 10 roofers if they knew what stone coated metal roofing was, only three or four will know what you are talking about.  Stone coated metal roofing is yet to make its big break into the roofing world.  Stone coated metal has flown under the radar for too long and it is time for everyone to know the truth.  

If we put stone coated metal roofing against asphalt shingle, there is simply no comparison.  The amount of protection you get when purchasing a stone coated metal roof is top of the line.  You are guaranteed 50 years of protection.  We have witnessed stone coated metal withstand fire, hail, and tornados.  You can feel protected against these large storms and against your average rainstorm.  The new RoofKO perfect panel has been designed to redirect water so it does not find its way under your roofing panel.  You are ensured that you will stay dry and safe when you purchase a stone coated metal roof.

Next, when you compare stone coated steel to asphalt shingle, you will find a difference in your monthly expenses.  Stone coated metal is know as the "cool roof" because it will save you up to 20% off of your cooling bill.  That means that over the next 20-30 years, your stone coated metal roof will save you up to $20,000 dollars.  Hearing that number alone should entice you to rethink your next roof.  Take advantage of the 50 year guarantee along side the $20,000 worth of savings.

RoofKO metal roofing is the newest and best designed interlocking metal roofing shingle on the market and no other direct-to-deck metal roofing can compare. Superior design and hidden fasteners ensure our stone coated metal roofs always look great and will never leak. A full line of perfectly matching finishing accessories from roofing vents and fascias to ridge caps and valley cap delivers a complete well finished look.     

RoofKO's objectives were to address speed of installation, superior performance, and cost barriers and this new panel addresses that to selling and installing this premium roofing material. 

We could go on about why stone coated metal roofing is the no brainer in the roofing world, but lets just list what we have learned today about the benefits of having a stone coated metal roof.

  • 50 yr. Warranty
  • Protection against: fire, wind, and hail.
  • Savings $$$

Those three main points should push you into buying a stone coated metal roof for your next roof.  It looks like the 10 year life span of your asphalt shingle roof is about up.

The word about stone coated metal roofing needs to get out there.  The benefits of this product is "through the roof."  Help us to spread the word about RoofKO stone coated metal roofs.