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Unique Branding

The approach that most roofing manufacturers and suppliers are taking today is they want to sell their products through distribution and not work with you personally.  We know from being contractors for more than 30 years that this is not helpful.  Its all about them, and you just have to settle for that. As unique as our product is, we would like to build a personal relationship with you that never leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  

A Unique Product With A Unique Contractor Relationship.

We are unique in the way we would like to approach your future growth of your business.

By design we would like to help you personalize your business to our products by allowing you to use the products with your company name clearly displayed on the packaging. 

Packaging That Is Second To None

You will find that our packaging is second to none.  Our pallets are specifically designed for the size of our product.  When they arrives through our freight system you will clearly see your name on the pallets, which helps to build credibility for you and your customers.  Our goal is to establish a personal relationship with our contractors that other big companies just will not make the effort for you.

Expect More For The Effort You Make

With RoofKO you can expect a lot more support for all the effort you put in.  This is only one of the several reasons to let RoofKO help invest in your business.