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What Did You Think was Going to Happen on a Roof with Countless Exposed Screws?

Stone coated steel has proven time and time again that it is the product that will save your house and your wallet.  Stone coated steel can withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and golfball size hail, but not a significant amount of screws.  

For some reason most companies think it is okay to put screw after screw into each panel and think that the roof wont leak. When you continue to drill hole after hole, screw after screw into a roof, what do you think is going to happen. These companies can protect you from tragedies but not from a normal thunderstorm?  The honest truth is, if you are putting hundreds of badly placed holes in the roof, chances are your roof may leak.

RoofKO’s Perfect Panel easy install allows for a fast and efficient installation with fewer fasteners.  RoofKo’s hidden fastener system allows for fewer screws and holes, and no leakage!

Don’t continue to put holes in you roof and hope it doesn’t leak.  Protect your home from tragedy and your roof from leaking with a RoofKO stone coated metal roof.

It is well known that stone coated metal roofing is superior roofing material, but until now, contractors and resellers have had to overcome high barriers of entry. Until now, specialty training and tools, longer installation times, and material cost have been barriers of entry for contractors to grow their business with premium roofing. RoofKO's objectives were to address speed of installation, superior performance, and cost barriers and this new panel addresses that to selling and installing this premium roofing material.  

We at RoofKo strive to make sure that you are receiving a top of the line product.  We pride ourselves in every aspect of roofing, from the manufacturer to your front door, we ensure the best product and service around.  Roofing is our whole life, and together we have developed what could be the cure to all of all of the obstacles you face as a roofer.  

We will be at your service from first contact to install, to ensure that you have received the best product and service.  Feel free to reach out at anytime for our experience in roofing.  We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity when working with our customers, and you are guaranteed top of the line customer service.

What you can expect from RoofKo:

  • Faster install
  • Heavier, stronger panel
  • Hidden fastening system
  • Lays low and smooth across roof

RoofKo's stone coated metal roof is the cure to all of your metal roof headaches.  The fast, flat install will save you time and money.  You will spend less time on the roof, and receiving less maintenance calls because of the updated panel.