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Can Stone Coated Metal, Really Withstand Earthquakes?

When you think of structural support for your house, the first thing that doesn't cross your mind, is your roof.  You want to ensure that your house is built properly and that you have built on solid ground.  These are the types of factors that cross your mind when ensuring your house is structured properly.  If you want to be positive that your house is safe and secure, think about your roof.  Stone coated metal roofing by RoofKo will guarantee structural strength to your house.  

There are so many different factors that can damage your house.  We think about the common everyday things like: wind, rain, snow, and hail, but do we ever consider earthquakes?  There are so many places around the world that are impacted by earthquakes.  The news becomes filled with families, telling their story about how their house was lost when the earthquakes passed their home.  For most cases involving earthquakes, the houses involved were not fortified by a stone coated metal roof.  Most houses rely on underlayment deck to stabilize them structurally, but with most cases they have installed a heavy asphalt shingle roof that stands little chance against the power of an earthquake.  Stone coated steel is the strongest product on the market, and at its lightweight, there is less threat of roof collapse.

Looking back on the larger earthquakes that have taken place across the world, we can find stone coated metal roof houses that have withstood the quakes.  Stone coated metal is the superior product when it comes to strength and durability, and works as a home stabilizer.  We at RoofKo know that a home owners best option when it comes to security and stability, stone coated metal is the safe option.  

Have confidence in your roof and know that you have the best option when going up against mother nature.  Read about what RoofKo has to offer, and how our stone coated metal roof compares against the rest.

The RoofKO roofing system has been designed to address and fix the many of the failures of this premium roofing product.  This is a stone coated steel panel that has been engineered and developed and produced to be sold to the public. 

Stone coated steel roofing has been around for decades but has always had lingering problems due to poor design. This causes both inherent installation problems but also just the very simplest expectations of how a roof should perform.  The roof needs to be water proof.  This seems like a logical expectation but most of these roofs, of this type,  the industry has installed in the past 50 years have been known by manufactures, installers and homeowners to leak.  Many depend on underlayments to stop water that passes through the various voids, when they should be a permanently dry under deck roofing system.

By design most products of this nature are made to look fairly good on the finished installation.  The problem is that many of the stone coated tiles have not made production advances in the last 30 years even though there are more efficient production forming methods that offer vast performance improvements.  The main factor seems to be the cost of the manufacturing process.  It is much less expensive to make a tile that is a one stamp process. The RoofKO panel is a six step punching, stamping, bending forming process to get to the end result.