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California's Solar Calls for Stone Coated Metal

In two years all new homes in California will be required to be powered by solar panels.  

The California Energy Commission, have predicted monthly savings of $80 on cooling and lighting bills.  These saving will quickly pay off the price of solar installation.  This is a big step for home owners, but what if your roof underneath the solar panels strips you of those savings?

While the benefits of producing their own rooftop electricity are significant for homeowners. Repairing or replacing a roof can cause very expensive problems for you because of the extra labor that takes place.  Removing the solar panels, prior to repairing the roof adds up and will en up being extremely expensive for the consumer.  

As we begin to compare warranties of different style roofs, we can see that there is one product that will ensure you savings and security.  RoofKo's stone coated metal roof offers a 50 year warranty, meaning there will be no extra maintenance required.  Comparing the warranty of stone coated metal to the average life span of asphalt shingle, we can see that there is a extreme difference.  The average asphalt shingle life span is 10 to 15 years, meaning that you will have to plan for extra maintenance multiple times in that time.  

For homeowners and builders looking to protect their solar system investment, RoofKo suggests the following:

  • Long Term. Metal roofs are the best option for the solar system,  reducing the risk of a roof failing before a solar panel system does. The estimated lifespan of solar panels is typically about 20 to 25 years while metal roofs last for 50-plus years, two or three times the average lifespan of other types of roofing materials. That means the roof will easily outlast the panels.
  • Strength. Metal is guaranteed to withstand everyday weather to extreme storms.  Metal is extremely strong and can withstand the weight of solar panels.  RoofKo's install will allow for a strong roof, but also it will protect you from leakage and the everyday heat of the sun. 
  • Savings. Considered “cool roofs,” metal offers additional energy efficiency benefits, especially combined with solar. Even basic, unpainted metal roofs will reflect more solar radiation than asphalt, which typically absorbs and holds heat. Metal roofs with special coatings deliver high total solar reflectance and high infrared emittance, keeping homes cool and saving energy by re-emitting most of what solar radiation is absorbed.
  • Recycle. Metal can be 100 percent recycled rather than dumped into a landfill at the end of its long life. Metal will resists growth of moss and fungus and there is no need for chemical treatment. 
  • 4 Seasons. Solar isn’t the only consideration in sunny climates. In extreme climate conditions that are becoming more prevalent in every season and region. Metal roofing will withstand wind, rain, hail, snow, and fire.  Stone coated steel is the perfect roof for supporting your solar panels.

RoofKO metal roofing is the newest and best designed interlocking metal roofing shingle on the market and no other direct-to-deck metal roofing can compare. Superior design and hidden fasteners ensure our stone coated metal roofs always look great and will never leak. A full line of perfectly matching finishing accessories from roofing vents and fascias to ridge caps and valley cap delivers a complete well finished look.   

Choose RoofKo for your new California Solar roof.