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Stone Coated Steel vs. Ice and Snow

Stone coated metal roofing has been tested against some of the most intense climate changes.  There has been no element that has come out on top of a metal roof.  Stone coated steel has cut through wind, hail, heat, earthquakes, and weathering, but can it withstand temperatures below zero?

Can Stone Coated Metal, Really Withstand Earthquakes?

When you think of structural support for your house, the first thing that doesn't cross your mind, is your roof.  You want to ensure that your house is built properly and that you have built on solid ground.  These are the types of factors that cross your mind when ensuring your house is structured properly.  If you want to be positive that your house is safe and secure, think about your roof.  Stone coated metal roofing by RoofKo will guarantee structural strength to your house.  

RoofKO's New Metal Roofing on a New Montana Home

We have just had the pleasure of a flawless RoofKO metal roofing installation on a beautiful new Montana home build. 

The size of the roof was 48 squares, with an additional waste factor of 8%. It was a steep 7:12 slope roof with lots of valleys and hips. The RoofKO extra wide split valley material was the easiest valley we have ever installed, and the 300 feet of ridge caps add protection and premium accent on all the hips and ridges.

This job offered plenty opportunities to test the new RoofKO J-clip and  Z-bar and wall flashing all of which performed flawlessly.

California's Solar Calls for Stone Coated Metal

In two years all new homes in California will be required to be powered by solar panels.  

The California Energy Commission, have predicted monthly savings of $80 on cooling and lighting bills.  These saving will quickly pay off the price of solar installation.  This is a big step for home owners, but what if your roof underneath the solar panels strips you of those savings?

Stone Coated Metal Roofing: The best product you have never heard of.

If you asked 10 roofers if they knew what stone coated metal roofing was, only three or four will know what you are talking about.  Stone coated metal roofing is yet to make its big break into the roofing world.  Stone coated metal has flown under the radar for too long and it is time for everyone to know the truth.  

Our Metal Roofing Ages Like A Fine Wine!

Compared to a RoofKO metal roof,  the average lifespan of a asphalt shingle roof is 10-15 years.  When installing a asphalt shingle roof, you are putting yourself at risk for disaster within the first 15 years.  Your house will be more susceptible to leakage, fire, and storms.

Additionally when you choose asphalt roofing, you will be unknowingly contributing to the countries annual estimated seven to ten million tons of toxic roofing waste most of which ends up in our landfills. To the contrary, metal roofing is 100% recyclable.